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Marioly Chacon

Political Science

About Marioly Chacon

Marioly Chacon is senior in college where she is a Political Science major interested in pursuing a law degree from the University of Miami. A native of California, she has always felt a strong pull towards political science ever since she was a young girl. Her family is her rock and motivation to succeed. Marioly Chacon is a determined individual who is striving to always improve herself and help others.

At the beginning of Marioly’s academic pursuits, she mainly focused on the sciences. However, she realized she wanted to take a more research-driven route where she could use her reading and writing strengths more profusely. During her childhood, she would listen to her grandparents and parents tell stories of their lives in communist Cuba. These stories were what spurred her into action and motivated her to declare a degree in political science. Her family has never been afraid to voice their opinions to try and make positive changes for not only their family but the world around them. As a college senior Marioly is ready to test her knowledge and pursue another degree so she can continue the family tradition of helping those in her community.

Marioly Chacon plans to further her education by becoming a lawyer with a focus on political theory and foreign policy. Several of Marioly’s cousins currently practice law and have been a large inspiration for her career aspirations. She has written multiple essays and research papers during her classes and feels prepared to take on more responsibility and coursework. After graduating Marioly plans to move to South Florida to be closer to family and pursue her degree at the University of Miami. Political science focuses on the branches of government and focuses on the analysis of political activities, thoughts, and behaviors. With her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, she will be ahead of her classmates with her pre-existing knowledge of the law. The University of Miami’s mission statement is to create knowledge, provide service to the community and beyond, and to develop future leaders of the nation and the world. Marioly Chacon is determined to embody those ideals and do great things once she obtains her degree.

Family life is at the core of Marioly Chacon’s values. She is very close to her siblings, parents, and grandparents and enjoys spending time with them when she is not away at school. Any time she has the opportunity she enjoys coming home to see her family. Her sister is her best friend and they have played competitive soccer together for many years. Marioly also enjoys traveling, especially to beach towns and recently had the opportunity to explore Mykonos, Greece.