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For college freshmen, it can be challenging to begin the school year and manage your coursework each semester. Studying is one of the most critical parts of excelling in college and should be a normal part of your school schedule and routine. However, creating that routine often proves to be difficult for new freshmen, that aren’t used to the course load.  If you’re looking to study effectively and perform well on exams, there are a few tips to follow.

Get Enough Sleep

Your freshmen year is exciting, and sleep may not be a top priority on your list.  Meeting new people, facing a heavy course load with numerous assignments and require study time, and trying to have a social life are all factors that could contribute to a potential lack of sleep.   Unfortunately, without enough sleep, it can be difficult to perform well in class or concentrate. It’s essential to your performance as a student to do your best to get enough sleep; recommended 7 to 8 hours per night.  This will help you focus more, and feel better overall

Turn Your Phone Off

Fear of missing out can be a big reason for students to be distracted by their phones or social media. It’s extremely easy to waste study time while you pay attention to your phone or your social profiles on the computer.  Take a break from technology. Make it a point to unplug to ensure that you’re not tempted to surf the web or check your social media accounts, which will allow you to focus and retain the information.

Create Study Groups

Study groups are useful because they’ll allow you to discuss different topics and concepts with other students, which can help you to retain important facts.  Additionally, working with other people can often motivate you to want to do better. This can make studying a much more enjoyable experience and can prove to help you learn and retain more valuable information.

Ask for Help

One of the best ways to get clarity on a specific topic that you’re not understanding is to ask for help from your professor. Most professors welcome their students to ask for help during their office hours, which can allow you to have their full attention and have a greater understanding of the material. The professor may also provide you with the exam’s format, which can allow you to understand their expectations when it’s time to take the test. You can also resort to finding a tutor at the school if you’re struggling with a specific subject.

Study in the Right Place

The place where you choose to study will influence how much you focus and if any distractions are present. Consider studying in the library in an area where you aren’t likely to run into your friends. You should find a place where you can get into work mode and avoid taking too many breaks during your study session.